Under Cabinet Toaster Oven

Learn How To Install A Space Saver Toaster Oven to Get The Countertop Neat

Under Cabinet Toaster OvenRegardless of what you might have prepared when you first equip your kitchen or possibly any time you order a new device, it turns out you might have never had sufficient counter top space just for every one of the kitchen appliance related to everyday use. One specific great option to fix such issue is selecting room saver home appliances which allow one to be able to hang underneath the kitchen cabinet. This will definitely take none of your counter blank space. A suitable room saving toaster oven offers people far more overall flexibility plus function than a toaster. That can’t only cook toasts and/or bagels easily like a typical toaster, yet is also competent at broiling steak, roasting a smaller sized chicken or else reheating pizza and also leftover. Also, it will certainly not take a lot more storage space compared with a toaster. It is certainly not a difficult process to install a space saving appliance oneself. If you are fortunate to make anybody to assist you hold items and also make them in position, which will probably be easier when you screw and fasten things into the spot marked.

List of Things You Must Have

  • Drill together with 0.25 inch bit
  • Several screws in order for mounting
  • Mounting bracket
  • Installation layout
  • Ruler
  • Spacers


PORTION I: Ordinary Cabinet

Phase 1 Choose where exactly to mount the toaster oven. The position must be not difficult for the parent to get in touch with but certainly not that easy for the young children as a way to always keep them in a safe and secure distance to the home appliance. In contrast, the device should be within the reach of an available electrical socket however definitely not above a range, stove or an open fire. Furthermore, you should calculate the load current in the same circuit and in particular on the same electrical socket just for electrical safety. It would be easy to clean up the machine immediately after cooking if you could install it next to a sink besides. Obviously, you won’t install the home appliance next to any light fixtures below the kitchen cabinet.

Phase 2 Get to know exactly what type is your cabinet. We’re going to talk about one of the types with flat bottom in this CHARACTER. Of course, you need to clean the area just where you will mount the electronic devise as well as the counter top beneath. If you own the kind which has got overhang on the front of the cabinet, make sure you go and look for the instruction manual in CHARACTER II given that the setting up is not the same as the flat-bottom type.

Phase 3 Open the door of the cabinet then place the mount template bumper opposing the surface where exactly you will install the toaster oven on the reverse side. Make sure that the heavy line on the template aligns along with the front side frame on the bottom of your cabinet. Bend over the template along the thicker line and also tape it into position while at the same time pulling it tight. Stick the part above the solid line to the front of your cabinet and stick the rest of the template beneath.

Phase 4 Use 1/4 inch bit to drill 4 individual holes through from the underside of your cabinets. Get rid of the paste tape utilized in Stage 3 and attach the template. Clear up any trash away and place a carrier ring over every hole in your cabinet.

Phase 5 For you to easily instal the toaster oven, take off the cap. The front hooks will be released by lightly drawing forward upon the hood. The back hooks can also be disengaged without problems.

Phase 6 Align the front sides of both the cap and the cabinet. Screw straight down from the interior of the cabinet and attach the hood on the bottom of the cabinet by tightening the four screws right into each hole.

Phase 7 Engage the rear hooks right away just after bring up the toaster oven into the right location.

PORTION II: Cabinets featuring Overhang

Phase 8 Measure the thickness of overhang from the front to the backside. Look closely at the lines on the installing template to get the exact measuring.

Phase 9 Open up the doors of the cabinet and look for the line on the template you have targeted, well then position and stick the mount template by aligning the line with the bottom part of the front end border of the cabinet.

Phase 10 Bend the remaining parts of the mount template backward then adhere it opposed to the bottom of the cabinet.

Phase 11 Utilize 1/4 inch bit to drill 4 holes through from the underside of your cabinets way up. Take off the stick tape utilised in Phase 9 and 10 and also attach the mounting template. Clear up any trash away and position a carrier ring on top of every single hole in the cabinet.

Phase 12 Vertically place a ruler at the back of the overhang underside of the cabinet to measure the width of the overhanging lip. Can you remember the spacer within the “List of Things You Will Need” just before the directions? This is going to be used to every one screw as per the lip’s height. An example, 2 0.5-inch spacers should be utilised on each one screw if the lip is one inch. Whilst you are installing the hood, you would possibly desire a person to help you hold the spacers upon the screws.

Phase 13 The rest procedures of installation process are able to be ended by simply following Phase 5 to 7 in PORTION I.


Are you interested in getting your counter top look good by having a space-saving toaster oven under your cabinet? Learn more by clicking.

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