Best Breville Under Cabinet Toaster Oven Review-Breville BOV450XL

Breville BOV450XL comes from the famous and reputable brand: Breville. It is made of stainless stell with smart designs. The simple interface provides you wonderful using experience. It is one of the best under cabinet toaster ovens on the market. If you cannot afford much space in your kitchen, Breville BOV450XL is your wisest choice. With its small footprint, you will have more space squeezed for other appliances. Do not underestimate this smart model since it has the almost the same performance as other full sized oven.

It is no doubt that Breville is one of the best brands of toaster oven. All its 3 models are best sellers in their specific markets. People can get the best cooking result with these incredible Breville toaster ovens. Element IQ is the secret weapon of Breville. It is applied on every models of Breville toaster oven. This is the technology that output heat to where it is needed the most at the right time. Sounds great? Definitely! It saves both time and energy and drives for best cooking result.

The Non-stick interior and pull-out crumb tray allow you to clean the toaster oven easily. There are 8 preset cooking functions embedded, including Bagel, Roast, Bake, Toast, Broil, Reheat, Pizza and Cookies. You do not have to remember the cooking time and temperature every time. Bring your ingredients and you can start the cooking with the setting you did last time. The model will shut off automatically after each cooking cycle with a beep. Someone complaint the beep is too loud. It is not good for the people with kids or sensitive to sound.

There are 3 rack positions for different cooks. It is clearly marked on the glass door, which offers you to cook with no brain. The interior is 0.6 cubic feet. Although it is small in size, it can accommodate 4 slices of toasts and an 11-inch pizza. That’s enough for a single person or family in 2. It is similar to Breville BOV800XL and BOV650XL, but smaller and more compact. It is the smallest model among these 3. It is designed 1800 Watt maximum. Push-button and knob are used as controls. The temperature ranges from 120 to 450 degrees F. The LCD screen is easy to read. It reflects current temperature and function. It turns orange when preheating and cooking, blue appears when the cooking cycle ends.

Actually, every toaster oven gets hot on the top and side during cooking. Never let your child get too close to the oven when it is working. Another minor con is that the rack does not have a stop. If you are not careful about this while it is being pulled out of the hot toaster oven, you might get yourself burnt. So never pull it all out and wear your oven mitt or wait until the food is cool and safe to touch.

Do not get me wrong. Anyway, Breville BOV450XL is one of the best under cabinet toaster ovens comparing to the others. If you have around $200 budget for a small and mini smart toaster oven, BOV450XL will be your best choice and it will not let you down.

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